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7. Joey Le Fan   (08.08.2002 22:01) E-mail
I should have phrased my comments in the form of a question - does any of you good people at the site
( or visitors of it ) know in which Shannon movie I can find foot fetish action or other foot-related activities?

6. Joey Le Fan   (08.08.2002 21:55) E-mail
Congratiulations are in order - I've searched for a long time for such an extensive and beautiful collection of Shannon Tweed photos. She deserves this -she is the Venus of B Movies, the Cleopatra of Video Stores.
Everybody able to appreciate her elegance, seductiveness and sheer sexiness should see Scorned, a film which still has my blood boiling.
Being a foot fetishist myself, I would love however to see Shannon do some good old footie action once in a while... But that's only a minor complaint from a very big fan.
Good luck with the site!

5. jeroen   (05.08.2002 00:15) E-mail
anyone who has pictures of shannon give it me jerre_verplancke@hotmail.com or give me movies I'll pay it thank you je cherce informations de shannon jerre_verplancke@hotmail.com merci ik zoek informatie of films van shannon of verhale stuur ma door jerre_verplancke@hotmail.com INFORMATION ABOUT SHANNON TWEED OR MOVIES jerre_verplancke@hotmail.com send it plz

4.   (31.07.2002 20:45) E-mail
hi my name is joe shannontweed is so hotlooking and hot
when i wash her oiget a feeling

3. Frank   (05.07.2002 12:53) E-mail
Ciao! Where can I find the latest pictures of Shannon! I especially like pics when she wear high heel sandals. Can anyone help me? She is so lovely.

2. FranMarie   (26.06.2002 21:16) E-mail
Hello..I know this is a strange question ,,,but what brand and size of
implants does shannon have...I do like the looks of hers and Im going to
have mine redone soon....Thanks,,,,Fran

1. Den Macleod   (26.06.2002 19:29) E-mail
Please send your comments!!!

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