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97. Мейс   (28.09.2005 22:53)
Fox, этот фильм называется "Scorned", а на русский переводят как "Глумление", "Отверженная" или "Падшая женщина".

96. moon   (26.06.2005 12:05)
hi , my name is mun son .
i,m korean ..
you best actor .. thang you

95. Fox   (24.04.2005 11:49) E-mail
Подскажите в каком фильме вдова (Шеннон) устраиваеться репетитором к сыну мужика виновного в самоубийстве её мужа, что бы ему отомстить

94.   (14.03.2005 17:00)
fuck muck ile shannon 24 hours fucking

93. jaja   (30.01.2005 11:13) E-mail
shannon is damn sexy...wish i can fuck her 24hours everyday,i wanna stick my cock deep into her tiny asshole and ramp her damn hard than blow my hot cum inside her ass.its amazing to see that happen!plus i sure she can give a hell good blowjob,her mouth and tongue will drive my cock crazy,i so damn want to see her swallow and lick every drop of my cum like no tomorrow,and of course she pair of gorgeous boobs that sure produce the sweetest milk in the world!i wanna suck her sexy nipple everyday and drink all her milk!!and dont forget her hot pussy either!i wanna lick her pussy bite it play it with my tongue and taste her yummy juice then fuck her with my cock ...that will be nonstop action i will fuck her like never before n make her cum hard and yelling in pleasure again and again !!yes fuck u shannon fuck u shannon fuck u shannon mmmmmmmm yyaaaaaaa cum for me babe!!

92. Raymond Chow   (16.11.2004 12:04) E-mail
My God am crazy about shannon she puts me on whenever i watch her movies,i wish you could send me her photos via e-mail i will be happy for that.Now my question is when having sex is it for real or? please tell me how you make it.

91. vampiro   (15.11.2004 18:22) E-mail
mi vida eres tu shannon

90. naren   (05.11.2004 11:39) E-mail
shannon one of the best erotic actress in the world.
she drives me crazy.

89. Cthuhlu_GR   (26.10.2004 06:06)
Ok i am just another crazy fan of Shannon. Man i remember when i first saw her on Obsesed by the Night, if i recall well...she blew me away...totaly. As for this site , i think it''s true of honor of the guy that made this, cause i haven''t seen another unofficial site of Shannon (except this one http://www.angelfire.com/film/shannontweed/. A last hail to the webmaster and if he can add some mpegs that would be nice! Or everyone try shareaza kazaa or any p2p program and find them yourselves. SHANNON RULES! Cthuhlu_GR_2004

88. Anderson   (17.10.2004 12:32) E-mail
gostaria de saber como fazer para receber seus filmes

87. vampiro   (16.10.2004 00:49) E-mail
i love shannon i sex

86. allen xin   (02.08.2004 13:21)
i love shannon,i''ve seen dead sexy and a lot of pictures of her,shannon will never be old

85. Mace Darklighter   (10.06.2004 15:46)
New!!!! Sex at 24 Frames Per Second (2003) (V) .... Herself (interviewee)
... aka Playboy Presents Sex at 24 Frames Per Second: The Ultimate Journey Through Sex in Cinema (2003) (V) (USA: complete title)
Information from http://imdb.com/name/nm0000238/
Ответ: Угу

84. Dhruva   (08.06.2004 17:59) E-mail
hi i''m one of the biggest fan of shannon tweed but unfortunately i cannot find any movie of hers in the market in India, so can you help me out with an internet site where i can get her movies at a cheaper rate, because being an student i cannot afford to spend much

83. t   (03.06.2004 05:17) E-mail
i would like to shannon tweed MPEGS on this site

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