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52. joe   (19.08.2003 14:26) E-mail
Did she really fuck the man in her movie? I,d like to know...pls answer me..im currios, thank you

51. kumar   (15.08.2003 20:06) E-mail
i am a fan of shannon tweed.please send me her nude and erotic sex movies.

50. Hermeneuta   (22.07.2003 07:55) E-mail
Excellent site.

Please update it with more photographs from films

Thanks comrades.

P.D. In wich tv channel is the tvnews program with nude babes? Can I catch it with my direct tv connection? Theres videos of it in the web? Where?

49. Mark   (17.07.2003 01:35) E-mail
I love masturbating over pictures and videos of shannon tweed she is so hot

48. sioux   (07.07.2003 01:49) E-mail
one question:
does shannon tweed make pornographic movies ?
please tell me which are those movies?THANKS.
what is new job now ?does she makes another movies?

ps:it is a great site for fans!!!!!

47. niyt   (25.06.2003 23:16) E-mail

46. momo   (25.06.2003 23:13) E-mail
i want to know did the men in the films fuck shannon tweed real fuckink? did they cum inside her? and y she do not make porn films with real fucking and cumming?
do her children watsh their mother nude and fucking?

45.   (24.05.2003 20:20)
how can i get shannon tweed film...please send to me i'll pay it...

44.   (24.05.2003 20:16) E-mail
i like to see shannon tweed picture wearing a bra.

43. rupesh choudhury   (16.05.2003 20:17) E-mail
hi,this roop,i cant believe tht u did this type of.... its excilent for me.

42. rupesh choudhury   (16.05.2003 20:17) E-mail
230,mallick villa, ichapur,24pgs(N)wstbengal.india.pin:743144

41. Richard   (13.05.2003 11:33) E-mail
Hi! Ms. Tweed,

You have a great body and you must take good care of it. if you dont mind can i get a copy of all your movies because i really love all of them. I know I cant have you now so I hope in your movies and imagination I can be with you.

40. Hafnie   (10.05.2003 10:28) E-mail
Shannon Tweed, I just wish I can fuck you infront of your husband while doing it ANAL.....gonna suck and bite that hard pink nipple..make me crazy....ahh..ahh..ahh...wanna you to suck my hard stiffy cock all night.

Admin...can you please publish more picture on BODY CHEMISTRY....make the size viewable at 600X800 or more.

39. Jan Fikrle   (06.05.2003 16:05) E-mail
Hi I am Honza from czech rep. Can you tell me, if has Shannon in fact knowledges of kickboxing or if is in movies doubled?

38. administrator   (27.04.2003 15:09) E-mail
sad to say our site is stopped working for some time.
The pages will not be updated. Sorry, but we can't answear your message :-(

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