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37. lancer   (27.04.2003 11:21)
I love Shannon Tweed. Did Shannon really fuck in her movies? Where could I find her free movies? Thanks.

36. Barney   (23.04.2003 10:58)
I've just found out of this site, and I would say it's great. The pics are great, although they're not complete. I'd like to request for more pics of Ms. Shannon Tweed, especially from her film Night Eyes 2. Hope to see more of her pics. Ciao!

35. Borolad   (19.04.2003 04:56)
keep up the good work. Shannon Tweed has the best body in the businest, wanna screw her all night long. MORE PICS PLZ!

34.   (13.04.2003 08:53)
shanno i want you to suck my cock so i can cum all over your sweet boobs and mouth then you can ride me all night long, while doin it doggy style and in the morning i'll do you up the ass

33. Devin   (13.04.2003 08:49) E-mail
Shannon you are the hottest women I have ever seen I love all your work and Id love to tap your ass all night long

32. elan   (09.04.2003 19:34) E-mail
hi shannon

u got one hell of boobs. hope i can fuck u upside-down

31.   (09.04.2003 15:18) E-mail
Im a fan of shannon tweed, i can i will be in touch with her,


30. wayne   (07.04.2003 16:26)
hi great site. i would like to see some photos from last call thanks

29. Vladimir   (19.03.2003 17:16) E-mail
Hiii.Ia am from Yugoslavia,Can annyone send me on mail Shannon oncensored photos,or link to watch her movies.
Answer me did she really fucking on email.
Thank you

28. shannon   (10.03.2003 17:08)
hi fans im Shannon Tweed n i just wanna say that i love u all very much n thanks 4 ur support.
my email address is jhefield@yahoo.com 4 any questions from u my fans.

27. michael   (10.03.2003 17:04)

26. momo   (03.03.2003 23:07)
i want to ask u shannon did u real fucked in ur films? and did thy cum inside u?

25. momo   (03.03.2003 23:05)
hi shannon why do u dont make a real porn film ?

24. love_you_Shannon   (02.03.2003 17:05) E-mail
A super site! Congratulations!
Where I can find free videos with Shannon?
I find some videos with Kazaa!
do you want a list?
see you

23. leo   (23.02.2003 21:40) E-mail
Good people! Help to find free video with Shannon!!!

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